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Updated: 2008-09-11
Reviewed: 2006-08-21

Public Affairs Specialists Regional Locations

Field Public Affairs Specialists (PASs) are key links between the Agency and our constituents throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. They serve as FDA's community-based educators.

The PASs respond to consumer, health professional, academia, health educator, media, industry, and Federal, State, and local official requests related to FDA's authority, outreach activities, and the products that FDA regulates.

PASs promote FDA initiatives and outreach programs by:

  • planning, developing, and conducting presentations, workshops, and seminars
  • designing and staffing local exhibits and assisting with national exhibit programs
  • working with Federal, State and local governments and organizations
  • serving as local broadcast and print media spokespersons
  • conducting outreach programs for minority and under-served populations
  • facilitating and implementing special national and local educational programs

To find the Public Affairs Specialist nearest you, click on your geographic location on the map or list below. Please direct your inquiry to a Public Affairs Specialist nearest to your location. Do not e-mail requests for information to multiple Public Affairs Specialists as it will only delay receipt of a response.

Industry Inquiries can be directed to the Small Business Representative (SBR) in your area. The find the SBR nearest you, click on this link:

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