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IC Directors' Meeting Highlights

February 2, 2006

To: IC Directors
From: Deputy Director, Executive Secretariat
Subject: IC Directors' Meeting Highlights — January 26, 2006

Discussion Items

I. Biomarker Consortium

Dr. Skirboll provided an overview of the soon to be implemented Biomarker Consortium. This is a public-private partnership whose membership includes the NIH, the FDA, industry, patient advocacy groups, and CMS. The FNIH will manage and coordinate this initiative. The purpose of this consortium is to promote the discovery, development, and qualification of biomarkers. The FNIH will manage and coordinate this consortium. The next steps for the Biomarkers Consortium are to: Assemble the Executive Committee and convene first meeting; finalize mission and vision — name the Consortium; develop the Consortium membership program; formalize business principles on IP and data access; develop communications plan; and identify and begin exemplary projects. Once in place, the Consortium will be publicly announced by all of the partners.

Dr. Zerhouni thanked Dr. Skirboll for all of her work in getting this project off the ground.

II. OPASI Presentations to IC Councils

Dr. Kington informed the group that they have now chosen a search committee to start the process of selecting a Director for OPASI. He asked that all encourage potential candidates to apply for this position.

Dr. Kington quickly reviewed a PowerPoint presentation that is being used to communicate an overview of the Office of Portfolio Analysis and Strategic Initiatives (OPASI) to groups such as FASEB and AAMC. He asks that an OPASI overview be presented to all the IC Advisory Councils during their next two rounds of meetings. Important points to make are:

  • Common Funds and Disease Coding will need to be explained thoroughly so as to correct any misunderstandings
  • The membership of the OPASI council will be made up of members of other IC Councils, in other words — a Council of Councils
  • There will be a Web site and it will contain FAQs further explaining how the OPASI will provide a flexible pool of funding and stimulate emerging areas of research and science in a common venture

The slides presented are a work in progress and Dr. Kington asked for any suggestions. Several suggestions were made. Talking points will also be made available. If anyone has comments or needs clarification, Dr. Kington asks that you contact him or Dr. Amy Bany.

Dr. Zerhouni reminded all that OPASI was developed strategically to functionally integrate rather than consolidating ICs and that this decision was intellectually driven, not a structural change.

III. Other Informational Items

  • Dr. Hrynkow reported on the success of Dr. Zerhouni’s trip to North Africa.
  • While overseas, Dr. Zerhouni visited the Pasteur Institute and commented about the amount of research that they are doing especially in the areas of genetics and infectious disease. He also reported on the impact the NLM has in these countries.
  • Dr. Zerhouni reminded all about the announcement of the “New Investigator Awards” on Friday, January 27.

Ann Brewer
cc: OD Senior Staff


This page was last reviewed on September 21, 2006 .

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