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Individual decisions about how to use the 24 hours in a day have short- and long-term implications for income and earnings, health, and other aspects of well-being. Understanding time use patterns can provide insight into economic behaviors associated with eating patterns as well as the diet and health status of individuals. Knowing more about eating patterns, grocery shopping, and meal preparation, as well as understanding whether participants in food and nutrition assistance programs face different time constraints than nonparticipants can inform the design of food assistance and nutrition policies and programs.

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The Eating and Health Module (EH Module) of the American Time Use Survey (ATUS) includes statistics on time spent in eating and drinking activities, grocery shopping, and meal preparation for the population age 15 and older and for participants in the Food Stamp Program. Data are also presented on measures of the health status (such as Body Mass Index, or BMI) of the population by time spent in various activities. See User's Guide and Documentation.

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