Federal Energy Data Management

We help Federal agencies collect, monitor and baseline your building's energy consumption required by the Energy Policy Act of 2005. Using a web based energy monitoring solution hosted in a secure Federal environment, we give our Federal Clients access to the tools to easily monitor their building's energy consumption via a command and control center.

Whether you are managing a single location or multiple installations, we give you the ability to capture, monitor and report real-time energy use.




NTIS Federal Energy Data Management is offered exclusively to Federal Agencies, services include:

  • Real-Time Baseline of Energy Consumption
  • Data Collection for Historical Review
  • Evaluation and Testing Tool for New Equipment, Energy Systems, etc
  • Real-Time Management of Service-Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Energy Usage Modeling (Based on Historical Data and
    Trend Logging)
  • Secure Website Hosting and Web Services
  • System Integration Government Web & System Hosting
  • Program Management
  • Customer Assistance



For more information contact the Office of Federal Services at NTIS:

Phone:       703-605-6835
E-mail:       obdinfo@ntis.gov
Address:   5285 Port Royal Rd.
                  Springfield VA 22161