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HHS Administrative Manuals

Department policies and updates are written by various organizations within HHS. Copies of the issuances and updates are sent to Reprographics for electronic storage and on-demand distribution. Available manuals include:

  • HHS Facilities Program Manual
    •  Volume I, Project Planning and Approval, Planning and Design Considerations, Project Delivery, and Occupancy
    •  Volume II, Real Property Asset Management, Regulatory Compliance and Reporting, Building and Installation Operations, and Disposal and Remediation
  • Emergency Planning Manual [PDF - 27MB]
  • Forms Management Manual [PDF - 581KB]
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Forms Manual [PDF - 449KB]
  • Records Management Manual [PDF - 20MB]
  • General Administration Manual [PDF - 32.3MB]
  • HHS Administration Manual, Part 30 Environmental Protection
  • Grants Policy Directives
  • Logistics Management Manual [DOC - 1.67MB]
  • Mail Room Procedure Manual [PDF - 348KB]
  • National Security Information Manual [PDF - 2MB]
  • Public Affairs Manual [PDF - 688KB]
  • Safety Management Manual [PDF - 19MB]
  • Travel Manual [DOC - 1.46 MB]

Documents in PDF format require the Adobe Acrobat Reader®. If you experience problems with PDF documents, please download the latest version of the Reader®.