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09/30/2008: SNP RefSeq mRNA Annotation Problems
Attention dbSNP user:

We discovered two problems with SNP annotation on RefSeq mRNA.
Problem 1:  A drop in the total number of SNP
annotations from dbSNP build 129 onto human mRNA sequences for RefSeq
releases 28, 29, and 30. 

Problem 2:  dbSNP has also identified a separate problem of redundant
SNP annotations on RefSeq mRNAs where the same rs number is annotated
more than once on the same mRNA. 

If you have specific questions regarding these problems please 
contact us at

We apologize for the inconvenience that these errors may have

Best regards,

dbSNP Staff.

08/06/2008: dbSNP FAQ Archive content update.
The online searchable dbSNP FAQ Archive has been updated with content from Winter, 2007/2008 and Spring, 2008.

06/18/2008: dbSNP Build 129 Rs Clustering Update and Docsum Schema Changes
Build 129, released on April 28, contained many instances where multiple human rs numbers mapped to the same location due to underclustering of new submitted SNPs (ss). This update fixes the underclustering problem (More...).

10/23/2007: RELEASE: NCBI dbSNP Build 128
The announcement is available here.
Projected dbSNP component availability dates:

      Component   			        Date available
      dbSNP web query   			Oct 23, 2007
      Entrez indexing    			Oct 25, 2007 *
      BLAST databases   			Oct 25, 2007 *
      FTP data           			Oct 26, 2007 *
      * A follow-up announcement will be made to this mailing list (dbsnp-announce)
	when each component's actual release date is available. 

09/18/2007: dbSNP Site Map updated.
The dbSNP site map has been revised to update links and include new content.

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