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Small Business Mailbox


Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU)

"Small Business is the HEART of our Economy". The OSDBU office has organized its responsibilities, programs and activities under three lines of business: advocacy, outreach and unification of the business process. The results achieved under all three lines of business, support the accomplishment of HHS' strategic goal - to encourage and assist the participation of all small businesses in HHS' contracts. This office has published a Small Business Program Manual, for internal and external use, to ensure small businesses compete for and receive a fair share of the Department's expenditures. OSDBU hosts bi-monthly Vendor Outreach Session (VOS) that are designed to educate vendors on the small business program and to provide information on how to effectively market your products and services to HHS. We encourage you to review our Forecast of upcoming opportunities.

In addition to hosting monthly vendor outreach sessions, this office publishes a quarterly newsletter, "The Pulse", to keep the small business community abreast of activities within this Department. For additional information, we ask that you browse our website and review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to learn more about HHS' Small Business Program.

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  • To review/print HHS’ FY 2008 Procurement Forecast, click here.
  • To subscribe to the Pulse, click here.
  • Frequently Asked Questions, click here.


Your opinion is very important to us. We would appreciate your feedback so that it may be used to evaluate changes and to make improvements on our website. Please submit suggestions and/or comments for improvement to the "Small Business Mailbox".

Last revised: January 6, 2009


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