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Other Resources

ATSDR Resources and Studies on Asbestos

New! ATSDR resources related to Libby, Montana, and the vermiculite sites [PDF, 59KB]

Asbestos Exposure and Your Health Fact Sheet [PDF, 338KB]
Read this fact sheet if you or someone you know may have been exposed to asbestos.

ToxFAQs™ for Asbestos
An ATSDR fact sheet summarizing frequently asked questions about asbestos.

Public Health Statement for Asbestos
Full text of ATSDR's general findings and health statement on asbestos. Questions and answers from the 2001 Toxicological Profile

Toxicological Profile for Asbestos
A study of the adverse effects of asbestos exposure. Includes information about asbestos, health effects, exposure, and disposal.

Asbestos Toxicity from ATSDR's Case Studies in Environmental Medicine

NAER Community Site Kit: Health Care Professionals

ATSDR Asbestos Findings on residential air and dust samples in Lower Manhattan (World Trade Center area).
A study of airborne asbestos as it relates to the 9/11 tragedy in New York.

Hazardous Substances & Public Health, Newsletter Vol 12, No. 1, Spring 2002
Focuses on Libby, Montana, and Minnesota history and activities

Vermiculite Overview
Mineralogical information for vermiculite mined at Libby, Montana

Resources Relating to Libby, Montana

Proposed Public Health Response Plan for Libby, Montana and Other Sites with Exposure to Tremolite Asbestos in Vermiculite OrePublic Health Plan for Libby, Montana

Year 2000 Medical Testing of Individuals Potentially Exposed To Asbestoform Minerals Associated with Vermiculite in Libby, Montana

Protocol to Confirm Asbestos-Related Abnormalities
A discussion of techniques for diagnosing asbestos-related conditions

Chemical-specific Health Consultation: Tremolite Asbestos and other related types of asbestos
A compilation of ATSDR information on asbestos and human exposure and risks.

The Usefulness Of Computed Tomography In Detecting Pulmonary Lesions Not Found By Chest Radiograph In Individuals Exposed To Asbestos

ATSDR Fact Sheet on Vermiculite Consumer Products

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

EPA's Asbestos Home PageLeaving ATSDR Web site
A list of valuable links for more information on asbestos.

Asbestos Containing Consumer ProductsLeaving ATSDR Web site

Vermiculite Insulation Web pageLeaving ATSDR Web site

EPA's Brochure on Asbestos in Vermiculite InsulationLeaving ATSDR Web site

Indoor Asbestos SourcesLeaving ATSDR Web site

Asbestos in Vermiculite and Consumer Information for Using Garden Products Leaving ATSDR Web site

Technical Fact Sheet on AsbestosLeaving ATSDR Web site

EPA information on Libby, Montana.Leaving ATSDR Web site

Other Federal Agencies

Asbestos Information from OSHALeaving ATSDR Web site
OSHA provides industry standards, training materials, much more.

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. (NIOSH)Leaving ATSDR Web site
Information on workplace exposure to asbestos.

NIOSH Fact Sheet on Contaminated VermiculiteLeaving ATSDR Web site

Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Asbestos IndexLeaving ATSDR Web site
Includes links to other sites with additional info on asbestos.

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Map of Asbestosis (by county) for 1982–1993Leaving ATSDR Web site

National Library of Medicine, MEDLINEplus Index Page for Asbestos/AsbestosisLeaving ATSDR Web site
Provides an index of links to various government agencies with information regarding asbestos and asbestosis

National Cancer Institute Asbestos HomepageLeaving ATSDR Web site

U.S. Dept. of Labor Asbestos Fact SheetLeaving ATSDR Web site (workplace exposures)

State Sites

Asbestos Program Leaving ATSDR Web site - Massachusetts Div. of Occupational Safety

Asbestos in Vermiculite and Zonolite Insulation Leaving ATSDR Web site - Maine Dept. of Environmental Protection

Northeast Minnesota Community Vermiculite Investigation HomepageLeaving ATSDR Web site - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Asbestos or Vermiculite linksLeaving ATSDR Web site - Minnesota Dept of Health

Vermiculite InsulationLeaving ATSDR Web site - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Vermiculite and Gardening UseLeaving ATSDR Web site - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Asbestos in Vermiculite InsulationLeaving ATSDR Web site - Washington Dept. of Health

Asbestos Division Homepage Leaving ATSDR Web site - Oklahoma Dept. of Labor

Asbestos in Vermiculite Fact SheetLeaving ATSDR Web site - Illinois Dept of Public Health

Asbestos Fact SheetLeaving ATSDR Web site - New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

General Information on Health Issues

American Cancer SocietyLeaving ATSDR Web site
Features the most up-to-date information on cancer and cancer research.

American Lung AssociationLeaving ATSDR Web site
This site contains a wealth of information about lung diseases and disorders, including up-to-date press releases.

National Cancer InstituteLeaving ATSDR Web site
Research programs, clinical trials, and statistics about cancer.

National Jewish Medical and Research Center Leaving ATSDR Web site
Features a large database of information on health care.

Finding a Doctor/Physician Referrals

Often the best source for a referral is your own primary care physician. Usually, this person will be well aware of local medical specialists and resources.

Other sources of referral include your local hospital/medical center's “physician referral line” and local academic medical centers.

Below is a list of links to other sources for referrals. This list is by no means exhaustive, but each of these links has a “doctor finder” feature. ATSDR suggests looking for physicians who specialize in pulmonary medicine or occupational medicine/environmental medicine.

American Medical Association Leaving ATSDR Web site
"Doctor Finder" feature that allows searches by specialty, name, and availablity of web consultations.

American Osteopathic Association Leaving ATSDR Web site
Searchable database of doctors of osteopathy.

Association of American Medical CollegesLeaving ATSDR Web site
Links to American Medical Teaching Hospitals. Searchable by state or hospital name.

Association of Occupational and Environmental Health Clinics
Clickable map to locate health care providers with expertise in occupational and environmental health.

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