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USAJOBS Working for America
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Working for America

The United States Government Needs You!

The U.S. Government is seeking American citizens to join the ranks of Federal public servants. As the Navy recruitment slogan used to say: "It's not just a's an adventure."

Indeed, this slogan is befitting the work performed by Federal employees today. As you read this, Federal employees are serving their fellow citizens by protecting the environment, ensuring the soundness of our national defense, working on cutting-edge research to find the cause of and cure for disease, and keeping our skies safe for us to travel, and keeping our homeland safe, among many other things.

Being a civil servant is a demanding, yet rewarding, job. For the Federal Government to be efficient and effective, it needs the best and the brightest employees who want to serve their fellow countrymen and who are willing to share their knowledge, their skills, and their energy for the betterment of our nation. The contributions Federal employees make today, tomorrow, and in the future guarantee that America will remain the world leader and can successfully respond to the foreign and domestic challenges of the 21st century.

Want proof that you will make a difference? Just ask the men and women who are scientists, engineers, cartographers, and IT specialists who serve their country every day. They will tell you that their career in public service is stimulating and professionally satisfying. They enjoy competitive salaries and know that in return for a career in public service, a generous package of retirement and health benefits awaits. And that doesn't even touch on the "family-friendly" benefits that are available to Federal employees.

One of the most significant advantages of a career working for the Federal Government is that career training and development are part of the professional culture within the Federal workforce and there are real opportunities for advancement.

And then there's the satisfaction that comes from knowing that you are making a difference.

The career opportunities available to you as a Federal employee are endless. Once on board, the track you take and how far you want to go depends entirely upon you.

To learn more about becoming a Federal civil servant, please visit USAJOBS at

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