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Consumer's Guide to Food Safety: Severe Storms and Hurricanes | PDF (2.1MB) | En Español | En Español PDF
Provides information and recommendations about keeping food safe during times of power outages and flooding.

Preparing for a Weather Emergency | PDF | En Español | En Español PDF
Lists the steps to take to before, during and after a weather emergency.

Fires and Food Safety | PDF | En Español | En Español PDF
Food exposed to fire can be compromised by three factors: the heat of the fire, smoke fumes, and chemicals used to fight fire.
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  • Food Safety:
    Removing Odors From Refrigerators & Freezers
    (PDF) | En Español PDF
    After a lengthy power failure, use this information to learn how to remove odors from refrigerators and freezers or how to safely discard an affected unit.

    Food Safety & Security: What Consumers Need to Know | PDF | En Español PDF
    This booklet tells you what you need to know about protecting our Nation's supply of meat, poultry, and egg products against intentional and unintentional contamination.

    Keeping Food Safe During an Emergency | PDF | En Español
    Did you know that a flood, fire, national disaster, or the loss of power from high winds, snow, or ice could jeopardize the safety of your food? Knowing how to determine if food is safe and how to keep food safe will help minimize the potential loss of food and reduce the risk of foodborne illness.

    See Also: USDA Emergency Preparedness & Response
    Food safety and assistance resources from USDA and other government agencies.

    Last Modified: November 25, 2008



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