Searching NIH Intramural Research Reports

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It is usually enough to search a single year, as summaries from year to year are often similiar.

To select multiple years, use the Command key (Mac) or the Control key (Windows).
To search all years, scroll down to the last option.

  • Annual reports are available from 1998 onwards.
  • Reports from 1999 and later have bibliographies if provided by the researcher.
    "Project" bibliographies are also available.
    Reports from 1998 do not have bibliographies.
  • NCCAM reports are available beginning in 2002.
  • NIBIB reports are available beginning in 2005.
NIH researchers: review your own Annual Reports, past and present     [NIH Login required]

Search for reports

This application identifies who you are via NIH Login and then gives you the option to identify which of your reports you retrieve. If you are not currently at the NIH (do not have a current NED ID number) or are not listed on any Annual Reports then no results will be returned.

Search by report number
1 Z01
Show a SINGLE Annual Report, where you know the Z01 (project) number
It must be in the following format: XX012345-09, where
  • XX represents the institute two letter code
  • 012345 represents the individual project number
  • -09 represents the "year code", the number of years the project has been active

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