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NIH Record  
Vol. LVII, No. 7
April 8, 2005
Combined Federal Campaign Raises $1.9 Million
Snyderman To Speak Apr. 22 in Masur
Plain Language Awards Ceremony To Be Held, Apr. 27
New Health Newsletter Debuts
Halliwell To Lecture, Apr. 13
New System for Workflow, Document Management Coming
Be Part of 'Take Kids to Work Day,' Apr. 28
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Looking Beyond Forest to Individual Trees
Eco-Friendly Reforestation Efforts Win Friends
  Ed Pfister points out completed stream bed stabilization efforts in front of Bldg. 21.
It's official: At NIH we shall never see a stormwater drain "as lovely as a tree." With apologies to poet Joyce Kilmer, the following is part ode to ecology, part nod to economy. It's about planting roots (not Alex Haley's) and appreciating duff (not Hilary). It's planning for the future by returning to nature, and using high-tech gadgetry to manage woodland wizardry. And, as is the nature of NIH, it's about being way ahead of the curve.

Our story starts with an autumn 2004 tree survey that garnered NIH rave reviews for several successful groundskeeping projects around campus.

DFAS Day Approaching Fast
Pay Close Attention to Your Pay Slip
"Pay change." Few other phrases can get an employee's attention faster. For at least the next few months, the Office of Human Resources is banking on that, as NIH and the rest of the Department of Health and Human Services move on Apr. 17 to a different payroll system — Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS).