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December 2005   Telemarketing Scams [EXIT Disclaimer]
December 30, 2005   Federal Grants Sites Merge, Traffic Increases [EXIT Disclaimer]
December 23, 2005   OMB Policy on Posting Information Sparks Debate [EXIT Disclaimer]
December 20, 2005   OMB Report Shows Mixed Progress on Technology Initiatives [EXIT Disclaimer]
December 19, 2005   Survey Shows a Lack of Confidence on E-government Projects [EXIT Disclaimer]
December 16, 2005   Survey Credits E-gov Initiatives with Increasing Satisfaction with Federal Web Site [EXIT Disclaimer]
December 5, 2005   Communications Breakdown [EXIT Disclaimer]
December 5, 2005   Agencies Slip on E-gov Progress [EXIT Disclaimer]
November 28, 2005   HopkinsOne to Fast-Track Grants Segment [EXIT Disclaimer]
November 27, 2005   Nonprofit Prophet Informs Volunteers [EXIT Disclaimer]
November 18, 2005   E-government Battered in Conference Bill [EXIT Disclaimer]
November 16, 2005   E-gov Grades Drop for Six Agencies [EXIT Disclaimer]
November 15, 2005   Spending Bill Provision Would Make Transfers of E-gov Funds Easier [EXIT Disclaimer]
November 15, 2005   Agencies Lose Ground on E-gov Section of Management Score Card [EXIT Disclaimer]
November 8, 2005   Grants Were Not The Answer [EXIT Disclaimer]
November 3, 2005   Sree's Thoughts on the Two Cool Free Sites [EXIT Disclaimer]
November 2005   Grants Management in the 21st Century: Three Innovative Policy Responses [EXIT Disclaimer]
October 26, 2005   NIH Rolls Out Electronic Grant Submission
September 15, 2005   OMB to Project Savings of E-government Projects in Next Budget [EXIT Disclaimer]
August 29, 2005   Standard Issue [EXIT Disclaimer]
August 2, 2005   New website for funding opportunities and grants offered by the CDC [EXIT Disclaimer]
July 22, 2005   House and Senate at odds over funding for e-government projects [EXIT Disclaimer]
July 12, 2005   OMB asks lawmakers to loosen up on e-gov funding [EXIT Disclaimer]
July 7, 2005   OMB Issues New E-Gov Logo [EXIT Disclaimer]
June 8, 2005   A One-Stop Shop for All Federal Grants [EXIT Disclaimer]
June 1, 2005   Chief information officers don't just want to make government electronic - they want to electrify it. [EXIT Disclaimer]
May 23, 2005   Federal government offers expanded e-gov websites [EXIT Disclaimer]
May 16, 2005   E-gov Projects to get boost from sharing PKI credentials [EXIT Disclaimer]
May 5, 2005   HHS's Havekost to co-chair CIO Council best practices committee [EXIT Disclaimer]
April 25, 2005   E-gov project hires some help to get the word out [EXIT Disclaimer]
April 21, 2005   OMB to resolve governance issues with grant initiatives [EXIT Disclaimer]
April 13, 2005   Postal Service's HR system, honored by federal councils [EXIT Disclaimer]
April 12, 2005   OMB finishing guidance on how grant management will work [EXIT Disclaimer]
April 7, 2005   GSA to test e-authentication tools [EXIT Disclaimer]
April 4, 2005 team mulls awards database [EXIT Disclaimer]
March 24, 2005 team considers awardee database [EXIT Disclaimer]
March 24, 2005   HUD Has $2.26 Billion for Affordable Housing, Homeless Assistance and Community Development [EXIT Disclaimer]
March 22, 2005   Ten Federal programs named semifinalists for innovation award [EXIT Disclaimer]
March 18, 2005   Justice, OMB programs named semifinalists for innovation award [EXIT Disclaimer]
March 18, 2005   Government grant' scheme targeting central Kentuckians [EXIT Disclaimer]
February 8, 2005   Johnson Mayor 'shaky' over grant promises [EXIT Disclaimer]
January 11, 2005   OMB gains new manager for g-to-g e-gov projects [EXIT Disclaimer]
January 6, 2005   Input forecasts 40 percent growth in Federal e-gov spending [EXIT Disclaimer]


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