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2006 media coverage archive

November 3, 2006   With Two Years Left, OMB’s E-Gov Goals Get Clearer [EXIT Disclaimer]
Government Computer News
October 30, 2006   Study Forecasts Downturn in IT Spending [EXIT Disclaimer]
Government Executive
October 25, 2006   Google Seeks Better Access to Government Information [EXIT Disclaimer]
Government Executive
October 3, 2006   GAO Backs More Accountability in Grant Programs [EXIT Disclaimer]
Government Executive
September 28, 2006   Grants LOB Migration Plans Due [EXIT Disclaimer]
Government Computer News
September 14, 2006   OMB Says New Search Tool Will Reflect Accurate Spending Data [EXIT Disclaimer]
Government Executive
September 14, 2006   HHS Awards General Dynamics Deal [EXIT Disclaimer]
Government Computer News
September 14, 2006   OMB Sizing Up Challenge in New Spending Database
September 14, 2006   Congress Sends Financial Transparency Bill to White House [EXIT Disclaimer]
September 13, 2006   Congress Approves Federal Spending Database Bill [EXIT Disclaimer]
September 6, 2006   GOP Leaders Push House Vote on Earmark Disclosure Rule [EXIT Disclaimer]
September 1, 2006   E-Gov at Five Years, Part Five: Pushing Forward [EXIT Disclaimer]
August 29, 2006  Top State and Local Government Web Portals and Applications Awarded [EXIT Disclaimer]
August 28, 2006  E-Gov at Five Years, Part One: A Pivotal Point [EXIT Disclaimer]
August 8, 2006  GAO Finds More Grantee Input. Standardization Needed in Grants Streamlining [EXIT Disclaimer]
August 7, 2006  Click Commerce Automates Research Processes for the Methodist Hospital Research Institute; New System Provides Comprehensive Research Administration Portal [EXIT Disclaimer]
August 1, 2006  E-gov Scores Improve Slightly on Latest Management Score Card [EXIT Disclaimer]
July 31, 2006 Needs to Streamline, Simplify: GAO [EXIT Disclaimer]
July 26, 2006  Watchdog, Lawmakers Eye Better Information Flow [EXIT Disclaimer]
July 24, 2007  Delay in E-Gov Funding Puts Some Projects in a Bind [EXIT Disclaimer]
July 24, 2006  E-Government at Funding Crossroads [EXIT Disclaimer]
July 20, 2006  Database Spending Bill Could Move Quickly in the Senate [EXIT Disclaimer]
  Federal Money Resources
July 17, 2006  OMB Publishes Online Catalog of IT Guidelines [EXIT Disclaimer]
July 17, 2006 Gets Set for E-Authentication [EXIT Disclaimer]
July 13, 2006  Who Will Pay for These Shared Services? [EXIT Disclaimer]
July 11, 2006  OMB Streamlines Framework for Cross-Agency Initiatives [EXIT Disclaimer]
July 10, 2006  Education to Drive State, Local IT Spending in '07 [EXIT Disclaimer]
July 7, 2006  DHS Makes Grants for Infrastructure Protection [EXIT Disclaimer]
July 1, 2006  House Calls for Single Grants Database [EXIT Disclaimer]
June 26, 2006  HopkinsOne Begins Training for Grants-Application Program [EXIT Disclaimer]
June 16, 2006  USDA Agency to Expand e-Grants [EXIT Disclaimer]
June 16, 2006  iGrants [EXIT Disclaimer]
June 12, 2006  Picture This: Golf and Gold Medals [EXIT Disclaimer]
June 7, 2006  House Passes DHS Spending Bill as Outcry Continues Over Grants [EXIT Disclaimer]
June 7, 2006  New Deadlines for External Grants Submission [EXIT Disclaimer]
June 6, 2006  Web Site Governance Hotly Contested in Many Agencies [EXIT Disclaimer]
June 5, 2006  DHS to Keep Score on Local Comm Plans [EXIT Disclaimer]
May 27, 2006  Where to Get Small Business Grants [EXIT Disclaimer]
May 25, 2006  Community Aid Grants May Face Changes [EXIT Disclaimer]
  Notice to Faculty About Submission of Proposals to USDA [EXIT Disclaimer]
May 19, 2006  Senate Committee Signs Off on Innovation Bill [EXIT Disclaimer]
May 12, 2006  Newsletter Makes “Waves” By Headlining Medical Center’s Research Efforts [EXIT Disclaimer]
May 12, 2006  Vegas’ Updated Web Site Bets on Better Usability [EXIT Disclaimer]
May 4, 2006  Government Computer News Honors Top Government IT Leaders [EXIT Disclaimer]
May 1, 2006  The Grants Whisperer: Subdued Leadership Style Builds Consensus [EXIT Disclaimer]
May 1, 2006  Profiles in Persistence [EXIT Disclaimer]
May 2006  Notice to Faculty About Submission of Proposals to USDA [EXIT Disclaimer]
April 21, 2006  Agriculture Department Makes Progress on IT Consolidation [EXIT Disclaimer]
April 17, 2006  OMB Wants EAs Integrated [EXIT Disclaimer]
April 14, 2006  National Institutes of Health Feels Budget Squeeze [EXIT Disclaimer]
April 10, 2006  Lawmakers Turn to IT for Grant Accountability [EXIT Disclaimer]
April 5, 2006  IU's New Computer to Generate Discoveries, Grants [EXIT Disclaimer]
April 3, 2006  Legislation Would Put Grant Info on Web [EXIT Disclaimer]
April 2, 2006  Finding Online Government Information [EXIT Disclaimer]
April 1, 2006  Bush Touts Faith-Based Answers For Social Services [EXIT Disclaimer]
March 30, 2006  Virginia Signs eGovernment Portal Contract Extension with NIC; Virginia Interactive to Manage the Commonwealth's eGovernment Web Portal Until 2012 [EXIT Disclaimer]
March 27, 2006  The Case for SOA [EXIT Disclaimer]
March 27, 2006  Grants LOB Managers Out to Prove Consortia Model Works [EXIT Disclaimer]
March 20, 2006  OMB Looks for Lines of Business Payoff [EXIT Disclaimer]
March 20, 2006  OMB Expands Technology Consolidation Effort [EXIT Disclaimer]
March 17, 2006  Watchfire to Release FISMA Compliance Product March 17, 2006 [EXIT Disclaimer]
March 15, 2006  HopkinsOne Gears Up for Fed Grant Proposals [EXIT Disclaimer]
March 15, 2006  New Online Portal for Federal Grant Proposals Being Rolled Out [EXIT Disclaimer]
March 13, 2006  Metro Business Calendar [EXIT Disclaimer]
March 10, 2006  NIH Electronic Submission Begins [EXIT Disclaimer]
March 10, 2006  Where to Start [EXIT Disclaimer]
March 9, 2006  No Such Thing As Free Money [EXIT Disclaimer]
March 8, 2006  OPM Expects HR LOB Migrations to Accelerate This Year [EXIT Disclaimer]
March 6, 2006  Successful IT Projects Get Data to Public, Other Agencies [EXIT Disclaimer]
March 6, 2006  Internaut: LOB Impact? You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet [EXIT Disclaimer]
March 5, 2006  Lines of Business [EXIT Disclaimer]
March 2, 2006  Tech Bytes: Grants to Go Electronic [EXIT Disclaimer]
February 28, 2006  Finding Federal Dollars [EXIT Disclaimer]
February 27, 2006  Feds Cope With the 'Greener Pastures' Syndrome [EXIT Disclaimer]
February 24, 2006  GAO: Feds Lack Data on Emergency Response Grants [EXIT Disclaimer]
February 22, 2006  Nonprofits Invited to Workshop on Federal Grants [EXIT Disclaimer]
February 20, 2006  Search Engine Puts Gov First [EXIT Disclaimer]
February 14, 2006  Solution for Using on Mac OS X [EXIT Disclaimer]
February 14, 2006  Feds Seek Input Before Soliciting Integrator [EXIT Disclaimer]
February 13, 2006  Package for Using on Macs [EXIT Disclaimer]
February 10, 2006  Grants to Start a Business Are Hard to Come By [EXIT Disclaimer]
February 6, 2006  Bush Submits Fiscal 2007 IT Budget [EXIT Disclaimer]
February 6, 2006  Now What? [EXIT Disclaimer]
February 6, 2006  Administration Proposes Three New Lines of Business for 2007 [EXIT Disclaimer]
February 6, 2006  OMB to Name Grants Service Providers [EXIT Disclaimer]
February 6, 2006  OMB Makes New Case to Win Hill Support for E-gov [EXIT Disclaimer]
February 3, 2006  OMB to Name Three Grant Management Shared-Service Providers [EXIT Disclaimer]
January 24, 2006  Federal XML Group Starts Strategic Markup Language [EXIT Disclaimer]
January 23, 2006  GSA Pushes E-Authentication [EXIT Disclaimer]
January 23, 2006  Northrop Operates Growing [EXIT Disclaimer]
January 20, 2006  OMB Releases EA Assessment [EXIT Disclaimer]
January 19, 2006  Beware of Offers for Free Money from the Government [EXIT Disclaimer]
January 18, 2006  Agencies Migrate Most Funding Applications to [EXIT Disclaimer]
January 18, 2006  DHS Grant Kit Offers Cybersecurity Guidance [EXIT Disclaimer]
January 13, 2006  Report: Federal IT Outsourcing Accelerates [EXIT Disclaimer]
January 12, 2006  HHS Grants $100 Million for State Pandemic Preparedness [EXIT Disclaimer]
January 11, 2006  OMB Issues FEA Records Management Profile [EXIT Disclaimer]
January 10, 2006  Report: E-gov Helps Government Share Info [EXIT Disclaimer]
January 9, 2006  Deals & Deadlines [EXIT Disclaimer]
January 9, 2006  OMB Delivers Report to Better Sell E-government [EXIT Disclaimer]
January 9, 2006  Researchers Recommend Wikis for Government Information [EXIT Disclaimer]
January 9, 2006  Congress Must OK E-gov Costs [EXIT Disclaimer]
January 4, 2006  New Law Restricts E-gov Initiatives [EXIT Disclaimer]
January 4, 2006  USDA Seeks Integrated Financial-Management System [EXIT Disclaimer]


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