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December 19, 2003 Selects PureEdge to Standardize Online Grant Submissions [EXIT Disclaimer]
December 16, 2003   Federal Web site aids search for funding [EXIT Disclaimer]
December 15, 2003 puts federal grants info in one spot [EXIT Disclaimer]
December 12, 2003   New Site Streamlines Government Grant Process [EXIT Disclaimer]
December 10, 2003   New Web Site [EXIT Disclaimer]
December 10, 2003   Feds Launch [EXIT Disclaimer]
December 10, 2003   Web Site Offers Easier Access to Government Grants [EXIT Disclaimer]
December 9, 2003   PureEdge Picked For E-Gov't Grants Initiative [EXIT Disclaimer]
December 9, 2003   HHS completes e-grants site [EXIT Disclaimer]
December 9, 2003   Feds launch one-stop Web site for grants [EXIT Disclaimer]
December 9, 2003   HHS launches [EXIT Disclaimer]
December 9, 2003   Grants listings hit internet [EXIT Disclaimer]
December 8, 2003   E-GOV: A year in review [EXIT Disclaimer]
November 24, 2003   E-Gov projects receive 508 attention [EXIT Disclaimer]
November 3, 2003   Giving a dot-com Launch [EXIT Disclaimer]
October 27, 2003   Spirit - not deadline - GPEA met [EXIT Disclaimer]
October 8, 2003   Starting date set for Federal grant site [EXIT Disclaimer]
October 8, 2003   OMB directs agencies to post grants [EXIT Disclaimer]
September 24, 2003   E-Grant Management Systems [EXIT Disclaimer]
September 20, 2003   Federal Government Grants Online [EXIT Disclaimer]
September 18, 2003's "Find Grant Opportunities" Feature Now Available [EXIT Disclaimer]
Autumn 2003   One-stop Shopping for Grants Available on Internet this Fall [EXIT Disclaimer]
August 25, 2003   Federal Agencies Launching Website [EXIT Disclaimer]
August 25, 2003   E-Grants portal preps for launch [EXIT Disclaimer]
August 12, 2003   HHS tests finance system [EXIT Disclaimer]
August 11, 2003   A turning point for e-government [EXIT Disclaimer]
July 21, 2003   Special Report: E-Gov under construction [EXIT Disclaimer]
July 21, 2003 to serve over $350 billion [EXIT Disclaimer]
July 14, 2003 enters final test phase [EXIT Disclaimer]
July 7, 2003 enters Final Pilot Phase [EXIT Disclaimer]
June 30, 2003   Ready or Not, Here Comes the DUNS Number Requirement [EXIT Disclaimer]
June 27, 2003   Northrop Grumman to Develop E-Grants Portal [EXIT Disclaimer]
June 26, 2003   Northrop Grumman to Build Government wide e-grants Portal [EXIT Disclaimer]
June 25, 2003   OMB sets data rules for Announcing Grants [EXIT Disclaimer]
June 19, 2003   E-Grantmakers: What are they doing? How well are they doing it? [EXIT Disclaimer]
June 18, 2003   FDIC Project tries out XBRL [EXIT Disclaimer]
June 6, 2003   Justice Reworks e-grants System [EXIT Disclaimer]
May 26, 2003   One Step at a Time: Cross-Agency Cooperation Takes Hard Work and a Plan [EXIT Disclaimer]
May 21, 2003   Progress Implementing the President's Management Agenda [EXIT Disclaimer]
May 14, 2003   'Cultural Mind set' of Employees called Barrier to e-gov Progress [EXIT Disclaimer]
April 30, 2003   Web site will Enable Electronic Grant Applications for 10 Agencies [EXIT Disclaimer]
April 24, 2003   Future of USDA Proposal Submission [EXIT Disclaimer]
April 23, 2003   Preparing for the E-Grants Storefront [EXIT Disclaimer]
January 17, 2003   Federal Grants Process Goes Electronic [EXIT Disclaimer]


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