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January 4, 2005
Vol. LVII, No. 1

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Maestro Leon Fleisher Uses 'Two Hands' to Thank NIH

Public Access, Ethics Are Main ACD Issues

Fitness Buffs Find Routes to San Francisco

NCRR Names Grieder Associate Director

2004 Stride Interns Named

They Relay Race in the Rockies, Too

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The Case for Wedded Bliss
Want a Long, Healthy Life? Get, Stay Married, Says Waite

By Carla Garnett

Dr. Linda Waite espouses marriage.

You've heard of the so-called marriage penalty tax? Well, researchers supported by NIH have identified what they believe is a benefit that more than makes up for a mere financial slight: According to NIH grantee Dr. Linda Waite, people who marry live longer and healthier than people who don't. Call it the marriage health dividend. At a Nov. 10 Wednesday Afternoon Lecture titled the "Impact of Social Institutions on Health: The Case for Marriage," Waite pronounced husbands and wives heartier than others.
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Garage Accident Investigation Continues

By Rich McManus

The cause of the Nov. 29 accident at Multi-Level Parking Garage 9 that killed one worker remains under investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which was sifting through debris for evidence during December. Work will eventually continue on the 6-story pre-cast concrete structure once authorities complete their review.
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