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About the Smithsonian
About Smithsonian
Smithsonian music, publications and images
Join the Smithsonian
Smithsonian Magazine
Reaching Americans
Reaching Americans Where they Live
In communities across the nation, our programs offer the Smithsonian experience to adults and young people alike.
Smithsonian across America
Guiding Discovery
Guiding Discovery, Seeking Answers
Work of Smithsonian scientists around the globe contributes to what we know about myriad subjects.
Presenting Treasures
Presenting Treasures, Creating Memories
Creating lifelong memories of discovery for visitors is one of the principal goals of the Smithsonian.
At a Glance
Museums 19
Affiliate museums 156
Research centers 9
Visitors (2007)
Smithsonian museums 24.2
National Zoo 2.6
Traveling exhibitions 5.8
Website visitors 188.8
Objects, artworks and specimens more than 136
Annual Reports
Smithsonian Annual Report 2007
Explore Globally,
Engage Locally
More Annual Reports
New Secretary Clough
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