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NIH Record  
Vol. LVII, No.12
June 17, 2005
NIGMS Program Director Creates Fused Glass Art
Observations on a Spring Walk
Parenting Festival Draws Crowd
Committee Management Spring Fling Benefits Foster Children
Students, Teachers Abroad Get Dose of Alcohol Science
NIH Holds Health Communications Forum
'Hollywood and Women Doctors' at NLM
Speaker Describes Life Sciences Research in India
Lecture Discusses Traditional Chinese Medicine
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In Accident's Wake
Parking Garage Due to Open in September
Multi-level parking garage 9, a six-story structure with room for 936 vehicles, is due to open in September after a construction delay prompted by the collapse of a section of parking deck, which killed a worker at the facility last Nov. 29. A review of the incident, conducted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is due soon, but the evidence indicates that there were no design or construction flaws in the project; human error was almost certainly the cause of the fatality.

“We got a quality project (from lead contractor Coakley Williams Construction Inc.),” said Leonard Taylor, director of the Office of Research Facilities, “but we just had an awful disaster.”

NLM's 'Turning the Pages' Goes Online
Prosthetic hand from the book Oeuvres
Have you ever come across a beautiful old book locked away in a glass case in a library and wanted to leaf through it? Now, you can — virtually — from anywhere in the world, using a computer and web browser.

Using the new, free, online version of “Turning the Pages” (, viewers can flip through three treasured books from the 16th century with a click of their computer mouse.

Actually, the National Library of Medicine is taking a page — pun intended — from its successful program that allows viewers to turn the pages of rare books virtually, via a touchscreen monitor, at kiosks at its Bldg. 38 headquarters.