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NIH Record  
Vol. LVII, No. 8
April 22, 2005
Scarpa To Be Next CSR Director
Former NIH Director Healy Returns for Women's History Month
Middle Schoolers Targeted by NIAAA Web Site
May Is Healthy Vision Month
Gene Found to Increase Risk of Common Cause of Blindness
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Sexually Transmitted Diseases Commonly Overlooked in Clinical Medicine, Holmes Reports
  Dr. King Holmes
There are more than 30 sexually transmitted infections known to medicine so far, and many people in the United States have at least one, reported Dr. King Holmes during Clinical Center "Great Teachers" Grand Rounds on Mar. 9. A number of STIs, chiefly those associated with gay male sex, are reemerging in the United States after a period of quiescence, he told a packed house at Lipsett Amphitheater.

Eat Less, Move More
STEP Session Offers Tough Diet Medicine
For people concerned about carrying too much weight, nothing beats a simple maxim: eat less and move more. The diets that work — even as the scientific jury remains out on a number of variables — are clearly those that include robust servings of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Perhaps the single best take-to-the-table message from a Feb. 8 STEP forum on diet and weight control came from Dr. Gary Foster, who said "a little weight loss goes a long way."