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Research at the Smithsonian Institution
Science Centers
Astrophysical Observatory (SAO)
Researches astronomy, astrophysics, earth and space sciences and science education
Carrie-Bow Marine Field Station
Studies coral reefs and mangroves of coastal Belize
Natural History Museum
Museum Conservation Institute (MCI)
Researches the conservation and analysis of museum collection items
Center For Earth and Planetary Studies
Performs original research on planetary science, terrestrial geophysics, and the remote sensing of environmental change
Air and Space Museum
Conservation and Research Center
Preserves threatened species and habitats through research, professional training, and environmental education
National Zoo
Environmental Research Center (SERC)
Examines linked ecosystems at the land-sea interface, especially those impacted by human activities
Marine Science
Studies the patterns and mechanisms of change in ocean environments
Marine Station at Fort Pierce
Studies the marine ecosystems of Florida
Natural History Museum
Migratory Bird Center
Studies and protects the grand phenomenon of bird migration
National Zoo
Natural History Museum Research & Collections
Pursues anthropology, mineral sciences, paleobiology and systematic biology
Tropical Research Institute (STRI)
Investigates ecology, behavior and evolution of tropical organisms
Conservation Research
African Art Museum Conservation Department
The only conservation center in the United States exclusively devoted to works of African art
Freer and Sackler Galleries Department of Conservation and Scientific Research
Conducts and promotes the conservation and technical study of Asian Art
Cultural and Scholarly Programs
Asian Pacific American Program
Works to reflect Asian Pacific American experiences in Smithsonian programs and research
Center for Education and Museum Studies
Disseminates publications and research developed for the museum community
Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Promotes the understanding and continuity of contemporary grassroots cultures worldwide
International Relations
Supports Smithsonian research and programs abroad
Latino Initiatives
Advances understanding of Latino contributions to U.S. history, culture, and society
Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation
Documents the role of invention in U.S. history and encourages inventive creativity in young people
American History Museum
Material Matters
Smithsonian Material Culture Forum's newsletter dedicated to David Shayt. (PDF)
National Science Resources Center
Seeks to improve the teaching of science in the nation's schools
Online Collections & Datasets
Highlights from the many research resources online at the Smithsonian
American Portraits Catalog
Folkways Recordings
Hirshhorn Collections Search
Horticulture Artifact Collection
Inventories of American Painting and Sculpture
Provenance in the World War II Era, 1933-1945
Astrophysical Observatory Archives and Services
Environmental Research Center Data Management
Data on the Chesapeake Bay watershed
Natural History Museum Databases
Specimens, taxonomies, bibliographies and more
Inside Smithsonian Research Inside Smithsonian Research
Quarterly newsletter packed with information about the numerous research projects around the Smithsonian
The X-ray Universe Chandra Update
Astronomers have seen effects of "dark energy" on the most massive collapsed objects in the universe
Provenance in the World War II Era, 1933-1945
In order to discover objects potentially misappropriated during the World War II Era, the Smithsonian museums are working to identify the ownership history of all collection items that meet the American Association of Museums guidelines
Smithsonian Science Strategic Plan
This plan outlines the 5-year strategic goals for science research, collections and outreach at the Smithsonian Institution
Science Commission Report
The Science Commission Report was released on January 7, 2003. The full report plus appendices can be found on the Science Commission website.
Education & Outreach
Fellowships & Internships Fellowships & Internships
The Smithsonian encourages access to its research staff, collections, and reference materials
Ask Joan of Art! Ask Joan of Art!
Art information specialists at the Smithsonian American Art Museum help you find the answers to your art questions
The Smithsonian's 22 branch libraries contain more than 1.5 million volumes, including 40,000 rare books
Galaxy of Knowledge
Browsable subject directory
Tools for Researchers
Databases, branches and services
Library catalogs (SIRIS)
Search Smithsonian library resources
The Smithsonian archives hold an estimated 50,000 cubic feet of paper documents, seven million still photographs, and thousands of films and audio recordings
Guide to Archives, Libraries and Special Collections Guide to Archives, Libraries and Special Collections
Locate art, manuscripts, photographs, film, video, audio recordings and official records of the Institution
Archives catalogs (SIRIS)
Search Smithsonian archives resources
Archives of American Art
Maintains materials on the history of the visual arts in the United States
Archives of American Gardens
Approximately 60,000 photographic images and records documenting historic and contemporary American gardens
Eliot Elisofon Photographic Archives
Visual resources that encourage and support the study of the arts, peoples, and history of Africa
African Art Museum
Juley Photographic Archive
127,000 photographic negatives that document the works of approximately 11,000 American artists
American Art Museum
Ralph Rinzler Folklife Archives and Collections
American History Museum Archives Center
Preserves and provides access to documentary evidence of America's past
National Anthropological Archives and Human Studies Film Archives
Natural History Museum
Smithsonian Institution Archives
Air and Space Museum Archives
Museum Research
African Art Museum
Air and Space Museum
American Art Museum and its Renwick Gallery
American History Museum
Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum
Freer and Sackler Galleries (Asian art)
Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden (modern and contemporary art)
National Zoo
Natural History Museum
Portrait Gallery
Postal Museum
Encyclopedia Smithsonian


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