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Wherever your expertise lies, whatever your major, GSA has a job for you.

Picture a company with offices worldwide, dealing with just about every product and service you can imagine.  At GSA, you can be a webmaster, an engineer, an accountant, a realtor, a writer or an architect.  You can join the team of over 12,000 GSA employees across the country that provide support to other federal agencies and, in some cases, the general public. 

You can apply and expand your skills in marketing, negotiating, computer systems or public policy.  You'll have room to progress in your chosen field and access to a wide range of training and development opportunities.

You will enjoy generous federal benefits, (rarely rivaled in corporate America) a family friendly  and employee-centric workplace, and empowering and rewarding work.

World class opportunities

GSA influences the spending of nearly $500 billion in federal budgets each year.  If we were a private company, we'd rank in the Fortune 100. 

GSA is the government’s “landlord,” providing office and other workspace services for the federal government.  GSA is also the premiere federal acquisition agency offering equipment, supplies, telecommunications, and information technology solutions to other agencies.  And, we play a key role in developing and implementing policies that affect many government agencies and help other agencies improve their service to the public by offering effective citizen-response tools and services. 

We're on the cutting edge in an every-growing number of fields, including: architecture, information technology, e-commerce,  and alternative fuel vehicles.


GSA offers its employees a wide range of benefits and work/life programs that include:

  • Flexible schedules and telework
  • Transit and childcare subsidies
  • Wealth of training and development opportunities
  • Health insurance—over 300 plans to choose from
  • Holidays—10 paid holidays each year
  • Sick leave—up to 13 days earned annually
  • Annual leave/vacation—up to 26 days each year
  • Retirement plan 401(k)-style Thrift Savings Plan
  • Life insurance—with available additions for family coverage
  • Family-friendly workplace—child care centers
  • Leave-sharing programs
  • Family and medical leave
  • Tuition reimbursement

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Last Reviewed 10/22/2008