Federal Statistical Policy

II. Statistical Organization Actions, Web Sites, and Representatives

According to OMB's guidelines, an agency designated in OMB Circular A- 130 must publish a notice of availability of its draft quality guidelines in the Federal Register and post the draft guidelines on its Web Site to provide an opportunity for public comment. The statistical organizations participating in this Federal Register notice are listed below. Many statistical organizations will also be formally covered by the quality guidelines of their parent Department or agency, and those draft guidelines are also available for review. The statistical organizations listed below are requesting comments on the quality guidelines that each has developed for its disseminated information. The Web Site addresses present each organization's draft guidelines on which the organization is requesting public comments. Also included is the organization's contact person for more information and who should receive any comments. To ensure receipt of the comments by the due date indicated on an agency's Web Site, submission by FAX or e-mail is recommended.

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Page Last Modified: December 23, 2008