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NIH Record  
Vol. LIX, No. 11
June 1, 2007
Wildlife Vet Calls For Global
NIEHS Readies Site for New Clinical Research Unit
Zerhouni Delivers First Talk in 2007 Diversity Seminar Series
A Princess Diary: Part Two
Five Appointed to NIAMS Council
Six Join NINDS Advisory Council
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Offering 'Many Dividends Over Time'
NIH Business System Enters Key Phase

On June 4, the NIH Business System launches a major new phase. Sure, you've already seen bits and pieces of its new look and new functions-preparing NIH'ers to travel on business changed several years ago, for example. The next NBS rollout- acquisitions, property and even more financial capabilities- is bigger and better. Shortly following will be the debut of nVision, a robust companion reporting system that will provide advanced features and ad hoc capabilities.

In 2000, you first met NBS as the "campus's major unseen construction project." It's grown a lot since then. Now, it's ready for a mega ribbon-cutting.

"Changing major business information sytems is, in my experience, one of the most difficult tasks for any large organization," says NIH director Dr. Elias Zerhouni. "With its growth and the increasing complexity of science, NIH has entered a new era in which biomedical research and its management have changed in dramatic ways. Modernizing our older systems and the ways we conduct and support research has become a necessity for our agency."

'Mark of an Expert'
'Great Teacher' Tierney Tackles Mysteries at CC Grand Rounds
  Dr. Lawrence Tierney, Jr.

He's Lt. Columbo without the wrinkled rain coat. He's Dr. House absent the cranky attitude. He's a little bit of all your favorite TV detectives and doctors past and present, only he's better: He solves multiple mysteries in less than an hour. He is Dr. Lawrence Tierney, Jr., of the University of California at San Francisco, the latest medical sleuth to take on "mysterious cases" during a recent Clinical Center Grand Rounds.

"This is another rendition of 'Stump the Chump,'" Tierney joked, referring to a Q&A game played on NPR's show Car Talk.