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Guidelines & Funding Announcements

Environmental Health Sciences Core Center Application Guidelines

Updated September 1, 2006. These guidelines should assist applicants with New and Competing Continuation Applications. The document provides information on NIH/NIEHS policies and procedures for EHS Core Center Grants, including a general description, outline of essential characteristics, administrative requirements, facility core requirements, allowable budget items, application process, review procedures, and review factors.

NOTICE -- Eligibility Requirement Change (November 17, 2006)
The eligibility requirement regarding number of ES grants has been modified. Applicants submitting proposals in 2007 must document three, rather than five, active grants supported by NIEHS from three distinct principal investigators. For more detail, please see the Notice in the NIH Guide ( Exit NIEHS.

  • EHS Core Center RFA ( Exit NIEHS
    Letters of Intent Receipt Date(s): January 19, 2007
    Application Receipt Dates(s): February 21, 2008
    For more information, please view and download the RFA from the NIH Guide ( Exit NIEHS .

  • EHS Core Center Application Guidelines (  Download Adobe Reader (252KB)
    This document is provided to help with the development of your application.

  • 2005 Letter to Core Center Directors (  Download Adobe Reader (108KB)
    This letter explains the annual reporting process. Please note that the receipt date has been modified to reflect the February 1, 2007 receipt date.

  • Electronic Submission of Grant Applications ( Exit NIEHS
    The EHS Core Center Program will likely transition to electronic submission of New and Competing Continuation applications at the end of 2007. Please make sure that you are properly prepared to make the transition. Take a moment to visit the Web site at - ( Exit NIEHS

  • Tables for P30 EHS Core Center Application
    Applicants are strongly encouraged to use the following tables as part of the EHS Core Center application. Please download the files (.xls format), and complete them as directed in the Guidelines.
    • Table A - Grant Support (  Download Adobe Reader (23KB)
    • Table B - Member Names (  Download Adobe Reader (22KB)
    • Table C - Facility Use (  Download Adobe Reader (21KB)
    • Table D - Publications (  Download Adobe Reader (26KB)
    • Table E - Pilots (  Download Adobe Reader (27KB)

  • Application for Public Health Service Grant (PHS 398) ( Exit NIEHS

  • Application for Non-Competing Continuation Grant (PHS 2590) ( Exit NIEHS Department of Health & Human Services National Institutes of Health
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