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  Building Understanding To Prevent and Control Diabetes among Hispanics/Latinos (099-5114)(max 5 copies) OUT OF STOCK
  Call to Action - National Public Health Initiative on Diabetes and Women's Health: A Progress Report (099-8129)(max 5 copies)
Diabetes & Women/Health Across the Life Stages: A Public Health Perspective, 2001 - Postcard (099-6805)
Diabetes & Women/Health Across the Life Stages: A Public Health Perspective, - Book (099-6959)
Diabetes and Flu Patient Postcard(Spanish) (099-6138)
Diabetes and Flu Patient Postcard(English) (099-6139)

Diabetes At-A-Glance, 2005-Disabling, Deadly, and on the Rise (099-4994)

The 2008 AAG is currently out of stock, to download your free copy please visit the following link:

  Diabetes Translation & Public Health: 25 Years of CDC Research and Programs. (099-7871) (max 5 copies)
  Improving the Nation's Vision Health - A Coordinated Public Health Approach (099-8746) (max 20 copies)
Fact Sheet: Diabetes & Women's Health Across Life Stages: A Public Health Perspective - Third Edition, May 2003 (099-7055)
National Agenda for Public Health Action, 2003. (099-7530)
Prevention is Control (English Brochure) If You Have Diabetes, A Flu Shot Could Save Your Life. (099-5746)
  Reference Guide of Physical Activity Programs for Older Adults: A Resource for Planning Interventions (099-8799) (max 5 copies)
Take Charge of Your Diabetes (English). (099-5276)

Take Charge of Your Diabetes (Spanish) (099-5479) OUT OF STOCK


Eagle Book Series 

Through the Eyes of the Eagle - Eagle Book 1. (099-7956)
Knees Lifted High Book - Eagle Book 2 (099-8265)
"Plate Full of Color" GPO Jacket # 523-987 - Eagle Book 3. (099-8449)
"Tricky Treats" GPO Jacket # 523-986 - Eagle Book 4 (099-8450)
"Animated Eagle Books" (DVD) (099-9413)

Traditions of Gratitude Series Posters and Narratives 

Standing Tall for 40 Years (Poster). (99-9040)
Around the Fire (Poster). (99-9042)
They Changed the World (Poster). (99-9044)
Standing Tall for 40 Years (Poster Narrative Handout). (99-9041)
Around the Fire (Poster Narrative Handout). (99-9043)
They Changed the World (Poster Narrative Handout). (99-9045)



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