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Act in Time to Heart Attack Signs
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"Act In Time To Heart Attack Signs" Quiz

See if you know what to do if a heart attack happens. Take this True/False quiz.

  1. Discomfort or a heavy feeling in the chest can signal a heart attack.

  2. Women do not frequently experience heart attacks.

  3. African-American women die of heart attacks at the same rate as white women.

  4. Some people who are experiencing the symptoms of a heart attack may wait hours or even days before seeking needed medical care.

  5. Being treated within about an hour of the first symptoms can make a significant difference.

  6. Many heart attack victims say their heart attack wasn’t what they’d expected.

  7. A family member, such as a spouse, can persuade a loved one having a heart attack to seek help immediately.

  8. Calling 9-1-1 for chest pain alone would probably turn out to be a waste of the emergency medical personnel’s time.

  9. Most heart attacks occur in people over 65.

  10. The major issue in delay is how long it takes for emergency medical personnel to find the address and deliver the patient to the hospital.


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