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On the CDC public health emergency response web site:
Radiation Emergency Response

 Welcome to Radiation Studies
CDC plays a unique role in identifying potentially harmful environmental exposures and examining health risks associated with these exposures. One aspect of this work is its radiation studies program, which looks at the relationship between environmental radiation exposures and public health.

General Radiation Facts International Projects
CDC provides basic information on radiation and its health effects as well as emergency instructions for individuals and families. CDC has worked with the governments of other nations to look at environmental radiation exposures and their health effects.
Public Health Research Nasopharyngeal Radium Irradiation
CDC studies the health effects of environmental radiation exposures from nuclear weapons production facilities in the United States.
This treatment, which was given to some children and members of the military in the 1940s and 1950s to treat hearing loss and ear infections, may have had long-term adverse health effects.
Radon Research
CDC has been working with EPA and other agencies to identify the health risks associated with residential radon.
Links to Related Web Sites
Links to radiation sites. CDC is not responsible for the content of the individual organization Web pages found at these links.

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