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How to Find a Cancer Treatment Trial
This guide will help you to learn about cancer treatment trials that are of potential benefit to you and to decide whether to participate in a particular trial.
Helpful Hints to Prepare Your Search

It is helpful if you first talk to your health care provider and gather as much information as possible about your particular situation, such as the specific type and stage of cancer, and the type of trial that might be relevant (treatment, diagnostic). The following information will help you prepare your search and evaluate the results.

  • You may wish to start with the basic (short) form and then refine your search by using the advanced (long) form.
  • In the basic form, you can choose a "Type of Cancer," "Stage/subtype," "Type of Trial," and/or "Location of Trial."
  • In the advanced form you can create your search using more detailed information. You can select multiple criteria to narrow your search or you can look up a specific trial.
  • The fields on the search form specify the different criteria you can use to narrow your search.
  • The more criteria you choose, the fewer results you are likely to get.
  • You may skip any criteria that are unknown or not applicable. The default value for every field is "All."

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