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BERA - Business & Economics Research Advisor - A Quarterly Guide to Business & Economics Topics

Issue 2: Fall 2004 : The Automotive Industry

Statistical Sources for the U.S. and International Automotive Industry

Automotive Monthly Sales Review. Eddystone, PA: WEFA Group, latest edition received. Monthly.
LC Call Number: HD9710. U5 W45
LC Catalog Record: 90657293
Provides U.S. and Canadian sales forecasts for passenger cars and light trucks. Includes a segment sales analysis of automobiles based on data provided by the publication Automotive News.
Global Insight // Economic Forecasts, Industry Analysis, Financial Data and Consulting.
Presents subscribers with comprehensive analysis, forecasts, and data on the automotive industry. Some reports and information provided free to non subscribers.
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Reproduction number: LC-USZC4-2697

Table of Contents

Automotive History
Global Automobile Industry
    North American Market
    European Market
    East Asian Market
Automobile Manufacturing
Company Research
Industry News and Analysis
Electronic Resources

The Harbour Report: Competitive Assessment of the North American Automotive Industry. Troy, MI: Harbour and Associates, latest edition received. Annual.
LC Call Number: HD9710 .N57 H37
LC Record: 96649620
Annual review of the automotive industry by an independent management consulting firm. Statistical analysis of the assembly, stamping, engines and transmissions of auto plants for all major car companies. Gives detailed report on each company with charts and graphs.
International Auto Statistics/ Verband der Automobilindustrie. Frankfurt/Main: Der Verband, latest edition received. Annual.
LC Call Number: HD9710 .A1 I549
LC Catalog Record: 2002203960
Statistical data on the structure of the motor industry, production, imports/exports and use and ownership of motor vehicles in various countries of the world. Also features international comparisons of the motor industry and worldwide production figures.
Plunkett's Automobile Industry Almanac. Houston, TX: Plunkett Research, latest edition received. Annual.
LC Call Number: HD9710 .U5 P58
LC Catalog Record: 2003252437
A comprehensive guide to automotive companies and trends in the U.S. An entire chapter is devoted to automobile industry statistics including production, manufacturing, driving costs, industry employment and dealerships.
Standard and Poor's Industry Surveys. New York: Standard & Poor's Corp., latest edition received. Quarterly.
LC Call Number: HC106.6 .S74
LC Catalog Record: 77183941
Analyzes the auto and auto parts industries. Presents an industry profile, industry trends, key industry ratios and statistics.
Ward's Automotive Yearbook. Southfield, MI: Ward's Communications, latest edition received.
LC Call Number: HD9710 .U5 W3
LC Catalog Record: 40033639
International in scope, it provides industry statistics for major countries of the world. Provides photographs, descriptions and prices for new model cars and trucks for the major auto manufacturers in the U.S.
Ward's Motor Vehicle Facts & Figures. Smithfield, MI: Ward's Communications, latest edition received. Annual.
LC Call Number: In process
LC Catalog Record: In process
Covers everything from vehicle production to U.S. exports and imports and fuel consumption. Also includes statistics on retail sales, travel trends, transportation expenditures and traffic fatalities.
World Car Industry Forecast Report. Waltham, MA: Global Insight, Inc., latest edition received. Quarterly. Also on CD-ROM.
LC Call Number: HD9710 .A1 W6655
LC Catalog Record: 2002204841
Report covers the passenger car industry in over 65 countries presenting statistical forecasts for several years in advance of the publication date. Gives an analysis country by country and includes a variety of production and sales figures.
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