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We think that you will find many things to help you in understanding what preparedness is and what preparedness activities are happening in Rhode Island. We recently added a new page called Prepare Now! that will help you to understand your responsibilities in keeping yourself and family safe.

Digitial TV Transition

As most of you know we must convert all over the air television from analog to digital by February 17,2009. Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency has been designated by The Governor to be the primary point of contact between our Citizens and the FCC. To get helpful information we suggest this website:www.dtv.gov. If you need to call the FCC you may do so at 1-800-CALL-FCC. If you still need assistance call Steve Kass at 401-462-7127.

RIEMA Mission Statement

The Rhode Island Emergency Management (RIEMA) is the coordinating agency for multi-jurisdiction and multi-agency response in the State of Rhode Island for all emergencies including natural and technological hazards such as fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, winter storms, chemical releases, weapons of mass destruction and terrorism incidents. Agency services include:

  • Develop, review and enhance the State's disaster preparedness and recovery plans for "All Hazards"
  • Distribute and coordinate those plans on a State-wide basis
  • Operate, maintain and enhance the State's Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
  • Operate, maintain and enhance the State's Mobile Command Center.
  • Manage and coordinate state-wide response to and recovery from natural, technological, and terrorism disasters.
  • Is the State’s Liaison to the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Coordinate the State's disaster response/recovery needs with Federal agencies.
  • Serve as a coordination point for federal disaster relief programs
  • Plan, conduct and critique exercises that test and improve preparedness
  • Develop, distribute and provide instruction on guidelines for citizen, business and industrial disaster planning.

The Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency assists and supports the State in reducing loss of life and property from all hazards, providing for the safety and security of the State of Rhode Island.

We are the official coordinating agency of the State of Rhode Island for the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency in times of state, national, multi-jurisdiction and multi-agency emergencies/disasters.    The State's disaster preparedness plans are constantly being reviewed. RIEMA’s mission is to coordinate the government's role in preparing for, preventing, mitigating the effects of, responding to, and recovering from all domestic disasters, whether natural or man-made, including acts of terror, in the state.

Although the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency provides for disaster response and recovery for the entire State, local governments, including individual cities and municipalities, and fire/law enforcement districts must develop their own Emergency Disaster Plans in concert with the State and Federal Response Plans.

Emergency planning, preparation, response, operation, and recovery in the State of Rhode Island  is a collaborative multi-jurisdiction and multi-agency effort, including transportation, emergency medical services, law enforcement, fire services, engineers, the private sector, the National Guard, and Coast Guard, to name a few.


RIEMA's Web Presence

The process of keeping the information posted on this web site is ongoing if there's something you would like to see here, please let us know. Please look around and check back often as we will continue to add content and functionality to this site in the coming days and weeks. You can send us your comments/suggestions.


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