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Program Analysis Branch


  • Provide guidance in shaping the direction of the portfolio through grant assignment and tracking, and coordination of division activities.
  • Conduct long and short-term scientific evaluation and analyses of grant portfolio to provide a basis for priority setting, decision-making, and strategic planning.
  • Develop methodologies to conduct impact analyses to assure maximum benefits of research funding.
  • Use results of program analyses to recommend areas for program development and to identify emerging emphasis areas for consideration by the Institute Director and advisory groups.
  • Communicate high impact science and public health relevance of extramural research.

Acting Branch Chief:

Joseph Hughes, Jr., M.P.H.
Tel (919) 541-0217

Health Science Administrator:

Christina Drew, Ph.D.
Tel (919) 541-3319

Program Analysts:

Martha Barnes, M.S.
Tel (919) 541-3336

Jerry Phelps
Tel (919) 541-4259

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