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Scientific Review Branch

  • Plans, directs, and carries out the initial review (including site visits, where appropriate) of all Institute applications for grants not reviewed by the Center for Scientific Review, NIH;
  • Plans, directs, and carries out the technical merit review of all research and development contract proposals for the institute;
  • Manages chartered review committees, the establishment of Special Emphasis Panels, and identification and selection of qualified experts to serve on these review committees;
  • Works with program and grants management staff in writing solicitations for grants and contracts and is the official review expert for development of these announcements;
  • Serves as the information and coordination center for all grant applications pending review by Institute initial review groups;
  • Coordinates and maintains liaison relating to grant and contract review activities with institute staff and the Center for Scientific Review;
  • Fosters effective communication and relationships with the scientific community to enhance review activities; and
  • Develops and coordinates policies relating to scientific review and implements review policies established by NIH.

Peer Review (

Environmental Health Sciences Review Committee (

Branch Chief

Teresa Nesbitt, D.V.M., Ph.D.
Tel (919) 541-7571

Scientific Review Administrators & Responsibilities (

Janice Allen, Ph.D.
Tel (919) 541-7556

Linda Bass, Ph.D.
Tel (919) 541-1307

Sally Eckert-Tilotta, Ph.D.

Leroy Worth, Ph.D.
Tel (919) 541-0670

RoseAnne M. McGee
Tel (919) 541-0752

Branch Fax Number (919) 541-2503

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