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NIH Record  
Vol. LVII, No.17
August 26, 2005
Smell, Taste Disorders Added to Web Site
New NIEHS Researcher Named STP Young Investigator of the Year
Researchers Model Avian Flu Outbreak, Impact of Interventions
NCI Grants Program Targets Cancer Disparities
New Clinician's Guide Issued for Helping Patients Who Drink Too Much
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Jet Engine Yields Electricity, Heat
Cogeneration Power Plant Adds Steam, Watts to Campus
Cogen stalwarts (from l) Dr. Farhad Memarzadeh, John Fratangelo and Joseph Nieves at the Bldg. 11A plant
Operating nearly noiselessly and producing only the slightest whiff of exhaust, a state of the art "cogeneration" power plant recently came online at NIH. It provides 23 megawatts of electricity (about 40 percent of campus needs) and tons of steam (about 30 percent of what NIH requires) to both heat buildings in winter and sterilize scientific equipment (in autoclaves) year round.

What Scientists Should Know
Primer Offered on Creationism, 'Intelligent Design'
Perhaps there is a place for students to learn about creationism, but that place is not science class, according to Dr. Robert Pennock of Michigan State University, who himself offered a lesson, "What Scientists Need to Know About Intelligent Design Creationism," in a July 13 lecture sponsored by NIGMS. A professor of philosophy and science and technology studies, Pennock has spent more than 15 years following the creationism movement in the U.S. and has published two books on the topic. At NIH, he briefly reviewed the group's history and recent progress.