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Scientists & Staff

Comparative Genomics Group

Jonathan H. Freedman, Ph.D. Jonathan H. Freedman, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator

Tel (919) 541-7899

Elena Braithwaite, Ph.D. Elena Braithwaite, Ph.D.
Staff Scientist

Tel (919) 541-9811

Min Ok Song, Ph.D. Min Ok Song, Ph.D.
Research Fellow

Tel (919) 541-2679

Matthew McElwee Matthew McElwee
Graduate Student

Tel (919) 541-2679

Brooke Tvermoes Brooke Tvermoes
Graduate Student

Tel (919) 541-2666

Julie Hall, Ph.D. Julie Hall, Ph.D.
IRTA Fellow

Tel (919) 541-1460

WormTox Group

Windy Boyd, Ph.D. Windy Boyd, Ph.D.
Senior Research Assistant

Tel (919) 541-2522

Julie Rice Julie Rice
Research Assistant

Tel (919) 541-2533

Daniel Snyder Daniel Snyder
Research Assistant

Tel (919) 541-2533

Paul Dunlap Paul Dunlap
Research Assistant

Tel (919) 541-2679

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