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Tang, L., C. Chamberlin, E. Tolkova, M. Spillane, V.V. Titov, E.N. Bernard, and H.O. Mofjeld (2006): Assessment of potential tsunami impact for Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. NOAA Tech. Memo. OAR PMEL-131, NTIS: PB2007-100617, 36 pp. [PDF Version]

Titov, V.V., H.O. Mofjeld, F.I. González, and J.C. Newman (2001): Offshore forecasting of Alaska tsunamis in Hawaii. In Tsunami Research at the End of a Critical Decade, G.T. Hebenstreit (ed.), Kluwer Academic Publishers, 75–90.

Titov, V.V., H.O. Mofjeld, F.I. González, and J.C. Newman (1999): Offshore forecasting of Hawaiian tsunamis generated in Alaska-Aleutian Subduction Zone. NOAA Tech. Memo. ERL PMEL-114, NTIS: PB2002-101567, NOAA/Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, Seattle, WA, 22 pp. [PDF Version]


MOST Model animations of actual Tsunami Events

November 15, 2006 Kuril Island, Russia Tsunami propagation through the Hawaiian Islands

Data (external to PMEL)

Kawaihae, HI 1/3 arc-second Tsunami Inundation DEM

Lahaina, HI 1/3 arc-second Tsunami Inundation DEM

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Hazard maps and other publications can be found at the Pacific Disaster Center, the University of Hawaii School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, and the International Tsunami Information Center. The Hawaii Civil Defense Division works in conjunction with tsunami inundation modelers to create inundation maps.

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