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Hansen, R., E. Suleimani, Z. Kowalik, and R. Combelick (2001): Tsunami inundation mapping for Alaska Communities. In Proceedings of the International Tsunami Symposium 2001 (ITS 2001) (on CD-ROM), NTHMP Review Session, R-12, Seattle, WA, 7-10 August 2001, 181. (Abstract)

Suleimani, E.N., R.A. Combellick , R.A. Hansen, and G.A. Carver (2002b): Tsunami Hazard Mapping of Alaska Coastal Communities, State of Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys, Alaska Geosurvey News, Vol. 6, No. 2, June 2002.

Ritsema, J., S.N. Ward, and F.I. González (1995): Inversion of deep-ocean tsunami records for 1987-88 Gulf of Alaska earthquake parameters. Bull. Seismol. Soc. Am., 85, 747-754.

González, F.I., C.L. Mader, M.C. Eble, and E.N. Bernard (1991): The 1987-88 Alaskan Bight Tsunamis: Deep ocean data and model comparisons. Special Issue on Tsunami Hazard (E.N. Bernard, ed.), Nat. Hazards, 4(2,3), 119-139.

Data (external to PMEL)

Dutch Harbor, AK 1 arc-second Tsunami Inundation DEM

King Cove, AK 1 arc-second Tsunami Inundation DEM

Sand Point, AK 1/3 arc-second Tsunami Inundation DEM

Sand Point, AK 3 arc-second Tsunami Inundation DEM

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Tsunami hazard maps are available from the Alaska Department of Natural Resources Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys.. Please contact Scott Simmons for more information about evacuation maps.

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