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Scientists & Staff

Transmembrane Signaling Group

Lutz Birnbaumer, Ph.D. Lutz Birnbaumer, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator

Tel (919) 541-3396

Jung Mi Choi, Ph.D Jung Mi Choi, Ph.D
Special Volunteer, University of Ajou, (South Korea)
Group member since 2/2008

Tel (919) 541-0311

Alejandro Colaneri, Ph.D. Alejandro Colaneri, Ph.D.
Visiting Fellow, University of Rosario (Argentina)
Group member since 8/2005

Tel (919) 541-4396

Margaret George Margaret George
Group member since 5/2008

Tel (919) 541-4973

Dagoberto Grenet, M.Sc. Dagoberto Grenet, M.Sc.
Research Technician
Group member since 1989

Tel (919) 541-4973

Yanhong Liao, Ph.D. Yanhong Liao, Ph.D.
Research Fellow, Kyoto University (Japan)
Group Member since 4/2002

Tel (919) 541-4396

Yanshun Liu, Ph.D Yanshun Liu, Ph.D
Staff Scientist, University of California, Los Angeles
Group member since 11/2007

Tel (919) 541-9010

Jason Malphurs, B.Sc. Jason Malphurs, B.Sc.
Research Assistant
Group member since 6/2004

Tel (919) 541-0270

Nicholas Plummer, Ph.D. Nicholas Plummer, Ph.D.
Staff Scientist, University of Michigan
Group member since 6/2004

Tel (919) 316-4679

Ankita Roy, Ph.D Ankita Roy, Ph.D
Visiting Fellow, Max Plank Institute for Biophysics (Frankfurt aM, Germany)
Group member since 1/2008

Tel (919) 541-4973

Tom Sliwa, B.Sc. Tom Sliwa, B.Sc.
Biologist, Mouse colony manager
Group member since 10/2002

Tel (919) 541-0270

Hae Young Suh, Ph.D. Hae Young Suh, Ph.D.
Visiting Scientist, Baylor College of Medicine
Group member since 8/2007

Tel (919) 541-4396

Mitzie Walker, B.A. Mitzie Walker, B.A.
Group member since 10/2002

Tel (919) 541-0270

Yinghao Zhang, Ph.D Yinghao Zhang, Ph.D
Visiting Fellow, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing, People's Republic of China)
Group member since 8/2008

Tel (919) 541-4973

Adolfo Zurita, Ph.D. Adolfo Zurita, Ph.D.
Visiting Fellow, University of Córdoba (Argentina)
Group member since 8/2005

Tel (919) 541-0270


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