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Plan Preparation

Strategic Plan Objectives
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The Strategic Plan was envisioned as a “scientific blueprint for the next decade.”  It had two overarching objectives:

  1. Develop a living, working plan from an inclusive and participatory process.

  2. Identify strategic priorities where NHLBI:
  • Initiates – does not happen unless the Institute takes a lead
  • Catalyzes – Institute facilitates the outcome
  • Supports – investigator-initiated research

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The Planning Principles

The development of the plan was guided by four main principles:

  1. Identify the scientific directions for which NHLBI is well positioned to make major contributions

  2. Ensure an inclusive process with grantees and other NHLBI constituencies having an active role 

  3. Look inward as well as forward; evaluate NHLBI operational policies as part of the process

  4. Create a truly living document by providing for ongoing implementation and evaluation

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Scientific & Operational Questions
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Four questions served to guide the Level 1 Working Group meetings.

  1. What are the most pressing scientific opportunities and challenges in heart, lung, blood and sleep research?

  2. What are the obstacles to progress and what must be done to overcome them, including needed technologies and resources?

  3. How should NHLBI business operations be changed to facilitate this research?

  4. How is the NHLBI uniquely positioned to enable the community to address these opportunities and challenges?

Strategic Plan Materials
Bullet entry Strategic Plan (with graphics) PDF document
Bullet entry Strategic Plan (without graphics)PDF document
Bullet entry Summary Brochure (with graphics) PDF document
Bullet entry Strategic Plan Slide Sets
Bullet entry Publications Flyer & Order Form

Strategic Plan Process
Bullet entry Plan Preparation
Bullet entry Strategic Plan Timeline
Bullet entry Level One Final Reports
Bullet entry Level Two Overview
Bullet entry Level Three Public Comment Overview
Bullet entry Plan Dissemination
Bullet entry Plan Implementation



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