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Interactive Media

To communicate relevant, timely, and action-based health information, CDC expanded our communication activities to include interactive media channels, such as social networks, like MySpace, blogs, and mobile phones.

Through the use of interactive media, we can reinforce and personalize messages, reach new audiences and build a communication infrastructure based on open information exchange. The Division of eHealth Marketing (DeHM), in the National Center for Health Marketing, provides CDC with interactive media research and expertise in building and participating in these channels.

What is interactive media?

Interactive media uses communication technologies to facilitate electronic communities, networks, and interactivity, and to encourage information sharing, collaboration and creativity.

Our goal:

To make CDC content, tools, and services available when, where, and how users want them – to improve the health and safety of people around the world.


Interactive media attributes:

There are three key attributes of interactive media channels that make them highly effective as health communication tools:

  1. Personalization – Content tailored to individual needs.
  2. Presentation – Timely and relevant content accessible on demand.
  3. Participation – Partners and the public contribute content in meaningful ways.


Our Interactive Media Activities

Case Studies of Health Campaigns with Interactive Media Elements

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