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Health Marketing in Action

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Health marketing and communication has been in existence for many years at CDC through public health campaigns, collaborative partnerships and strategic communications.  Here are some examples of health marketing in action.

Screenshot of Reach VideoCDC teamed up with members of the African American Community in Portland, Oregon, to find ways to improve cardiovascular health through communication, education and health promotion.  Watch how these citizens improved their health using relevant messages and existing community networks, such as beauty parlors, health centers and public schools. Watch the Video. Read more about the REACH program.

Current Health Campaigns at CDC

Interactive Health Marketing Websites: eGames

Federal Examples of Health Marketing and Communication

Entertainment Education

Television shows, movies, and music not only command the attention of their audiences, but also reinforce existing behavior, demonstrate new behavior, and affect audience emotions. Learn how the CDC partners with Hollywood executives and academic, public health, and advocacy organizations to share information with writers and producers about the nation's pressing health issues. More

More Examples of Health Marketing in Action

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