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West Nile Virus
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West Nile Virus: Other Resources for Clinicians

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Patient Education
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arrow  Fact Sheet: West Nile Virus (WNV) Infection: Information for Clinicians
Outlines clinical features, diagnosis, reporting, laboratory testing, & treatment of WNV infection
  arrow Adobe Acrobat ReaderPDF (151 KB/2 pages)
  arrow Microsoft WordMS Word (98 KB/2 pages)
arrow Questions & Answers about West Nile Virus (FAQ)
Designed primarily for the general public
  arrow Blood Transfusion, Organ Donation & Blood Donation Screening Information
  arrow Symptoms of West Nile Virus Disease

Clinical Practice

arrow The Physicians' Information & Education Resource Guidance Statement Information on West Nile Virus Disease
arrow Current Clinical Trials for the Treatment of West Nile Virus Disease
arrow Interim Guidelines for the Evaluation of Infants Born to Mothers Infected With West Nile Virus During Pregnancy
for evaluating infants born to mothers who acquire WNV infection during pregnancy.
arrow Instructions for Sending Diagnostic Specimens to the DVBID Arboviral Diseases Laboratory
arrow Guidelines for Collection/Shipment of CNS Tissue Specimens
arrow   Enhanced surveillance for West Nile virus disease during pregnancy
Information needed for health care providers to report cases of pregnant women infected with WNV.
arrow West Nile Virus (WNV) Infection & Breastfeeding: Information for Clinicians
Overview of & frequently asked questions about the risk of transmitting West Nile Virus through breastfeeding.
  arrow Microsoft WordMS Word (67 KB/2 pages)
arrow CDC Responds: Update on West Nile Virus for Clinicians & Laboratorians (August 2002)
Satellite broadcast & webcast. Describes the epidemiology of & prevention strategies for the control of West Nile virus, & presents current information on the clinical & laboratory diagnosis of West Nile virus. Archived August 8, 2002
  arrow Overview
  arrow Webcast, Transcript & PowerPoint Slides
arrow West Nile Virus: A Primer for the Clinician [Review]
Epidemiologic & biological characteristics in North America; diagnosis, reporting, & management of patients with suspected infection; & prevention of infection among patients
Petersen LR, Marfin AA. Annals of Internal Medicine 2002;137:173-179
  bullet Adobe Acrobat ReaderPDF (287 KB/7 pages)

Patient Education

Remember that:

  • The chance that any one person is going to become ill from a mosquito bite remains low.
  • Most people who are infected with the virus will not develop any symptoms at all.
  • The risk of severe illness and death is highest for people over 50 years old.

Advise your patients to take the following precautions (described in detail in Fight the Bite! Avoid Mosquito Bites to Avoid Infection):

  • avoid mosquito bites
  • mosquito-proof your home
  • help your community
Other Patient Education Resources:
arrow Fact Sheet: What You Need To Know
arrow Questions & Answers
arrow What You Need to Know about Mosquito Repellent
arrow Five Common Myths
arrow WNV Prevention Posters
arrow Video: Protecting Yourself & Your Community from WNV
arrow Downloadable prevention brochure
arrow Video: Public Service Announcement
Avoid Mosquito Bites Mosquito-Proof Your Home Help Your Community

See Also...

arrow Publications
Articles from Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), Emerging Infectious Diseases (EID) journal, & other sources; some clinical information
arrow Surveillance & Control
Information on current outbreak status, surveillance & control guidelines, including section covering laboratory diagnosis of West Nile virus
Avoid Mosquito Bites Mosquito-Proof Your Home Help Your Community

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