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Terms: skin+or+dermal+or+dermatitis+or+cutaneous+or+percutaneous OR skin+or+dermal+or+dermatitisskin+or+dermal+or+dermatitis+or+cutaneous+or+percutaneous 1 - 10 of 1424 Bibliographic entries
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 1 Physical-chemical and solvent considerations in evaluating the influence of carbon chain length on the skin sensitization activity of 1-bromoalkanes
Authors Siegel-PD; Fedorowicz-A; Butterworth-L; Law-B; Anderson-SE; Snyder-J; Beezhold-D 
Source Toxicol Sci 2009 Jan; 107(1):78-84 

 2 Occupational allergy and asthma among salt water fish processing workers
Authors Jeebhay-MF; Robins-TG; Miller-ME; Bateman-E; Smuts-M; Baatjies-R; Lopata-AL 
Source Am J Ind Med 2008 Dec; 51(12):899-910 

 3 A spreadsheet-based method for estimating the skin disposition of volatile compounds: application to N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide (DEET)
Authors Kasting-GB; Miller-MA; Bhatt-VD 
Source J Occup Environ Hyg 2008 Oct; 5(10):633-644 

 4 A solvatochromatic approach to quantifying formulation effects on dermal permeability
Authors Baynes-RE; Xia-XR; Vijay-V; Riviere-JE 
Source SAR QSAR Environ Res 2008 Oct; 19(7-8):615-630 

 5 Health hazard evaluation report: HETA-2007-0055-3073, evaluation of employee exposures in a bus maintenance shop, Huntington Coach Corporation, Huntington Station, New York
Authors Tapp-L; Sussell-A 
Source NIOSH 2008 Oct; :1-15 

 6 Health hazard evaluation report: HETA-2006-0155-3072, evaluation of contact dermatitis among machinists at an automotive parts manufacturer, Dana Corporation, Bristol, Virginia
Authors Tapp-L; Ewers-L; Durgam-S 
Source NIOSH 2008 Oct; :1-31 

 7 The humoral immune response of mice exposed to simulated road paving-like asphalt fumes
Authors Anderson-SE; Munson-AE; Tomblyn-S; Meade-BJ; Diotte-NM 
Source J Immunotoxicol 2008 Sep; 5(3):307-313 

 8 Comparison of task-based exposure metrics for an epidemiologic study of isocyanate inhalation exposures among autobody shop workers
Authors Woskie-SR; Bello-D; Gore-RJ; Stowe-MH; Eisen-EA; Liu-Y; Sparer-JA; Redlich-CA; Cullen-MR 
Source J Occup Environ Hyg 2008 Sep; 5(9):588-598 

 9 Coal contractor mining facts - 2005
Authors NIOSH 
Source NIOSH 2008 Sep; :1-2 

 10 Coal contractor mining facts - 2006
Authors NIOSH 
Source NIOSH 2008 Sep; :1-2 
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