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Scientists & Staff

Molecular & Cellular Biology Group

Not pictured Darryl Zeldin, M.D.
Principal Investigator

Tel (919) 541-1169

Gregory Azzam Gregory Azzam
STEP Student

Tel (919) 541-1012

Not pictured J. Alyce Bradbury

Tel (919) 541-4590

Not Pictured Laura Miller DeGraff
Biological Science Laboratory Technician

Tel (919) 541-2193

Matthew Edin Matthew Edin, Ph.D.
IRTA Fellow

Tel (919) 541-0828

Not Pictured Reem Elbekai, Ph.D.
Visiting Fellow
Joan Graves Joan Graves

Tel (919) 541-3820

Not Pictured Zhong Jing, Ph.D.
Visiting Fellow
Randle W. Ramsey Randle W. Ramsey
Postbaccalaureate IRTA Fellow

Tel (919) 541-0284

Chad Ritter Chad Ritter
Post-Baccalaureate IRTA Fellow

Tel (919) 541-2999

Not Pictured Abraham Thomas
Environmental Medicine Fellow (Duke Medical Student)

James Voltz James Voltz, Ph.D.
IRTA Fellow

Tel (919) 541-5540

Donghui Zhang, Ph.D. Donghui Zhang, Ph.D.
IRTA Fellow

Tel (919) 541-1833

Not Pictured Zhong Wang, Ph.D.
Visiting Fellow

Tel (919) 541-0284

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