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The purpose of the Enterprise Architecture Segment Report (EASR) is to provide a structured format for agencies to report standardized information regarding the performance and development of their segment architectures to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Agencies will submit completed segment reports as part of the OMB Enterprise Architecture (EA) Assessment process and will provide quarterly updates to demonstrate the development and progress of each of their defined segments. OMB’s EASR assessment process has four main goals including:

  • Ensuring agencies are developing segment architectures and generating results;
  • Identifying opportunities for re-use and cross-agency collaboration based on agency segment architecture information;
  • Providing a platform for agency chief architects to engage with business owners; and
  • Capturing updated segment information as part of the OMB EA Assessment process.

The EA Segment Report consists of five sections: Identification, Mappings, Performance, Transition Planning, and Collaboration and Reuse. This table summarizes the focus of each reporting sections. Additional detail on the reporting requirements can be found in subsequent chapters of the document.

A segment architecture provides a detailed results-oriented architecture and a transition plan for a portion (or segment) of the agency/enterprise. Segments are individual building blocks in the Enterprise Transition Plan describing core mission areas, and common or shared business services and application services. A segment architecture comprises a series of work products describing the baseline architecture, the target architecture and a transition plan. Typical segment architecture products capture segment-level change drivers; describe baseline and target performance, business, data, services and technology architecture; and provide a roadmap to enhance business operations and achieve measurable performance improvements.

The Federal Segment Architecture Methodology (FSAM) was developed to provide guidance on using best practices to develop Segment Architectures resulting in information included in the EASR. Additionally, the FEA Practice Guidance contains information regarding the development of segment architecture and is available at: