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Presidential Initiatives

Program Manager(s)

John Etcheverry (Acting)

Managing Partner

Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

Description is the Federal Government’s single site for the federal grant agencies to post and the public to access competitive, discretionary federal grant opportunities. mission is to provide a common website to simplify grants management and eliminate redundancies of systems and provide transparency to the federal grant competitive process.

Progress to Date

  • Deployed upgrades to the system employing Adobe based application system and the addition of a Google search appliance. The system deployment incorporated enduser feedback throughout the deployment
  • Deployed all 147 Adobe fill-able forms to production in September 2007
  • 100% of discretionary grant announcements received from agencies posted on Find and Apply
  • During FY 2007, opted to change the format of its quarterly Stakeholder meetings moving them out of the HHS and onto the Internet. conducted four Stakeholder Meetings via webcast
  • met with the Inspector General (IG) Fraud Task Force in July to provide an overview of the initiative and discuss the potential role of in assisting with grant fraud i.e. how its functionality could be utilized in fraud detection. posted IG Fraud Task Force information and will continue to work with them on future updates for the public and grant community
  • The HHS Office of Congressional Affairs arranged for the Congressional staff to receive a briefing by the PMO; over 90 Hill staffers were in attendance
  • Deployed and Integrated Find and Apply
  • Deployed discretionary grant application core data/form(s) (SF 424)
  • Deployed research and related grant application data set/form(s)
  • Deployed mandatory grant application data set/form(s)
  • Deployed applicant system-to-system functionality eliminating the need for manual intervention to receive electronic applications

Next Steps

  • Establish and strengthen grant community communications with
  • Ensure quality of technical system conversion, development, and deployment
  • Implement data standardization, conversion, development and clearance of forms with OMB, the Grants Policy Committee (GPC) and the Grants Executive Board (GEB)
  • Maintain continuous and improved processing times via systems operations and maintenance
  • Enhance program operations through standard operating procedures, communication management, earned value management and return on investment
  • Grantor User Group is in the process of creating government-wide requirements for both collaborative and fellowships for implementation by

Web Site

Performance Metrics

Exhibit 300

Managing Partner Agency Exhibit 300


The Federal government awards over $450 billion in grants each year to state, local, and tribal governments, universities, and non-profit organizations. These grants are awarded through 26 major “grant-making” agencies in over 1,000 programs. The initiative provides public access to all federal competitive grant opportunities making the process transparent across 26 federal grant making agencies. The storefront consolidates much of the grants information currently available online and eliminates many of the paper-based processes that serve as hurdles to organizations attempting to apply for federal grants.

  • Additionally,
    • Makes transactions with the government and obtaining financial assistance from the government easier, cheaper, quicker, and more comprehensible
    • Eliminates submission of redundant information for organizational/vendor information and certifications
    • Standardizes the collection of applicant data in support of agency review processes

By simplifying grants processes, standardizing data, and deploying, transforms the grant process for the Federal government and grant recipients. For recipients, common application forms minimize the burden of the application process. Time usually spent looking up procedures and filling out redundant information can be better spent on grant-related work. For grant administrators, electronic processing of applications facilitates the review process, and enables agencies to make awards more efficiently.

  • The Program Management Office (PMO) provides the following services:
    • Assists agencies in using Find and Apply functionality, including technical support
    • Conducts operations and maintenance, and customer support for the system, including the operation of a Contact Center that is available work days by phone between the hours of 7am – 9pm Eastern Time and by email 24/7
    • Designates a liaison to serve as a point-of-contact for all issues related to the adoption and utilization of
    • Deploys enhancements to Find and Apply functionality
    • Awards and manages contracts to provide support and services for operations
    • Provides program progress, status reports, and financial updates
    • Provides project management documentation, including Exhibit 300 utilization of work breakdown structure, project plans, and statements of work
    • Provides support for activities associated with testing, certification, verification and validation of system
    • Develop and manages the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) cleared forms meeting government-wide criteria