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Presidential Initiatives

Case Management

Portfolio Manager

Dominic Sale

Managing Partner

Department of Justice (DOJ)

Program Manager

Paul Garrett


Utilizing common solutions and data standards (, case management information is easily and appropriately shared within and between Federal and local agencies.

Initiative Goals

  • Enable case management data to be shared efficiently within and across agencies
  • Improve effectiveness and efficiency of law enforcement, investigation, and civil and criminal litigation case management business processes
  • Identify common case management processes across components and agencies that will drive system and function consolidation
  • Address immediate and long term case management needs and opportunities at the Department of Justice and sister agencies
  • Provide guidance for future case management investments across the federal government

Exhibit 300

Not available - no Exhibit 300 submitted; primary architecture maintained by CM LoB are from LCMS and Sentinel both of which have exhibit 300's

Managing Partner Agency Exhibit 300