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The goal of the Government to Government (G2G) portfolio is to forge new partnerships among levels of government. These partnerships facilitate collaboration between levels of government, and empower state and local governments to deliver citizen services more effectively.

Through the initiative Federal grant customers can find and apply for grants through a single, online portal, thus making it easier for potential recipients not only to obtain information about Federal grants, but also submit applications for those grants. The E-Vital initiative establishes common electronic processes for Federal and state agencies to collect, process, analyze, verify and share death record information. This reduces the burden on state agencies to report vital events and increases the quality of the vital event information being recorded. Geospatial One-Stop’s web portal,, makes it easier, faster, and less expensive to find, share, and access geospatial information across all levels of government.

Disaster Management and SAFECOM, managed by the Department of Homeland Security, directly support and promote improving information sharing between Federal, state, and local first responders. Disaster Management provides Federal, state, and local emergency managers online access to disaster management related information, planning, and response tools. SAFECOM serves as the umbrella program within the Federal government to help local, tribal, State, and Federal public safety agencies improve public safety response through more effective and efficient interoperable wireless communications.