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Presidential Initiatives

Federal Health Architecture

Portfolio Manager

Dominic Sale

Managing Partner

Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

Program Manager

Vish Sankaran


To provide federal agencies the tools and solutions to support the development and exchange of interoperable health information within the federal government and with the tribal, state, local and private sector, thereby supporting the President’s national health IT agenda, enabling better care, increased efficiency, and improved population health.

Initiative Goals

    FHA’s three main goals for supporting the President’s health IT plan are input into the national agenda, implementation of interoperable solutions, and progress accountability.

  • Goal: Input into the Process
    Federal health IT Needs Management
    FHA identifies and organizes collective federal health IT needs to advance agency business priorities and the national agenda. Federal health IT expertise and experience are leveraged through participation in defining hit needs, coordination across federal agencies and leveraging of federal health IT investments.
    Example: FHA coordinates requirements of 26 federal agencies to review standards recommendations produced through the Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP) process and health information exchange using the nationwide health information network.
  • Goal: Implementation of interoperable solutions within the Federal Government
    Providing Implementation Solutions
    The President’s health IT plan is implemented in the federal agencies, in alignment with the Federal Enterprise Architecture, through adoption of standards, certified applications, secure and timely exchange of interoperable health information and the protection of patient privacy.
    Example: Investment guidance, Implementation planning and testing and Interoperability architecture
    FHA will provide guidance to federal agencies for developing standards adoption plans for Secretary of HHS endorsed standards and people programs as determined by agency business needs. With the FHA Health IT Investment Planning Guide, federal agencies with a healthcare line of business can develop a planning process to ensure that investments align with the National Health IT agenda.
  • Goal: Measure Accountability
    Effective Use of Health IT
    Federal agencies coordinate effective capital planning activities, and invest in and implement interoperable health IT.
    Example: Health IT scorecard support, Health IT Reporting Guide
    FHA provides tools and guidance to agencies to baseline measure compliance and progress towards achieving health information interoperability as well as identify future near-term opportunities to advance health IT.

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