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Welcome to NHLBI's eMentoring Initiative


To provide mentorship to students and junior faculty in science-related fields.

Our goal is to provide Protégés with mentoring to enhance their skills and intellectual growth in science-related fields, to facilitate their successful entry into related research careers, and to promote interdisciplinary collaborations and training and career development.

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Would you like to be a Mentor?

The Mentor can be a role model, a teacher, a respected consultant, a faculty advisor or a career advisor. The Mentor could help the Protégés envision and plan their careers, advise them in networking, building bridges, and developing into successful professionals.

Protégés, do you need a Mentor?

The Protégé can be a student or junior faculty member seeking help to increase his/her chance for success in the pursuit of a career in science-related fields.

Contact Us: or 301-451-5081

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