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October 7, 1997
Vol. XLIX, No. 20

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Shortage of Minority Bone Marrow Donors Proves Obstacle

By José Alvarado

(First in a two-part series on impediments and advances in bone marrow transplantation.)

Bone marrow donor and recipient meet.

Minority patients suffering from leukemia and other blood-related diseases face limited prospects of finding a donor with matching bone marrow tissue type because of the relatively low number of minorities such as Blacks, Hispanics/Latinos, Native Americans, and Asians/Pacific Islanders represented in the National Marrow Donor Program registry.
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'In Their Faces'
Photographer-Turned-Psychologist Reveals Human Spirit Through Film

By Carla Garnett

If accuracy alone could tell the whole story, then this article could be summed up pretty simply: A long, winding road led Frank Lucas from dreams of a career in film and television to his current post as a psychologist in NIMH's Laboratory of Clinical Science. But then, a reader would miss a lot of the flavor, and certainly all the color, of a tale told best with pictures, specifically those found in Lucas's debut photo exhibit, which is on display now through Oct. 28 in the Clinical Center Orem Gallery.
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